Solicitors Instruction (Probate)

We have completed a considerable number of house clearance for well known law firms throughout Lincolnshire.  Usually the solicitors client will be requiring the service of a specialised lawyer within the firms probate department who will be taking care of all the legal aspects involved. 

Should the time arrive that probate is granted (as this is not always certain) and should the new owner of the property require the contents to then be cleared we can help.

In all house clearance it is important to be sympathetic to the circumstances however this is particulally important with probate instruction as this can be a particularly difficult time for the new owner of the property.

Often the solicitor will contact direct on behalf of the client and we will arrange collection of keys or arrange a time to be at the property for the purpose of raising a quotation for what is required.

The solicitor will forward the quotation to their client and then advise our office if they wish to proceed.


If you are a solicitor with a client requiring a quotation for a probate property clearance or you are requiring a good local experienced law firm with a probate specialist we can help.


Please use the CONTACT US form or email: or call Brett on 07516491397


Highlighted in green on the menu to the left shows examples of works completed over the years of different types of property in probate.