Executive Property Grantham & Vehicles

Having completed an instruction a year ago for a client who had a probate instruction to complete satisfaction a call was received for a full estate clearance with a requirement involving there own property. The client had received a position of employment in London that came with a house as part of the reimbursement package.

We were invited to quote a full clearance of the entire estate that included a vintage Triumph Spitfire car, a Yamaha motorbike and a Mini Cooper car.  Being able to complete this instruction enabled the client to proceed to the new property and employment with the absolute minimum of fuss.  

This was a beautiful property situated in Grantham however the logistics of moving everything consisted of two spiral staircases, two landings, two flights of stairwells and a tunnel out to the car park.  With this in mind an agreement was reached resulting in the purchase of all the vehicles worked within the quotation of the entire property clearance.  

The objective of the property being ready for letting was achieved in three days to the clients complete satisfaction with all vehicles being insured and safely transferred to Lincoln.