Local Authority Detached Property Sleaford

The legal department within a local authority contacted the office inviting quotation for a large detached property located in Sleaford.  The house contained a large amount of content for clearance however it was the garage that contained the most with access only being available through a single door to the rear due to access through the main doors being blocked by the content.

Experience showed that despite the property appearing to contain mainly rubbish a large amount once organised correctly could be sold.  With this in mind a substantial credit was raised on the quotation against costing for waste transfer and after taking instruction from there client our quotation was accepted to proceed..

Due to the amount of work involved two weeks was allocated however the instruction took nearly three weeks to reach the completion stage.

Photographs of the completion as shown below were emailed to the client who promptly expressed complete satisfaction and intention to use our service again in the future.