East Sussex

Probate House Clearance

Estate Agents, Solicitors, Property Auctioneers and Private Instruction.

Regularly clearing the contents and preparing property for marketing throughout Lincolnshire and England

Estate Agents, Property Auctioneers, Local Authorities, Banks, Solicitors, NHS, Social Services, Residential Care homes and Private instruction.  


When quoting for a house Probate sale preparation clearance or farm dispersal instruction a credit is raised for items we can sell along with a costing for any waste transfer.  (using a licenced applicable method if required with details of all waste transfer provided by waste transfer receipt).


For a prompt quotation of a probate sale preparation clearance or to discuss a farm dispersal please use our CONTACT US 

form or call Brett on 07516491397.

Click on the image to view a copy of our upper tier waste carriers licence.

In 2019 Instruction of sale and sold probate property preparation clearances extended into Sussex and the South of England.


Please see examples of actual Sale Preparation and Probate Property Clearances as well as other instructions we have completed over the years by clicking a tab on the left of this page.



Brett: 07516491397